Virtual private network project #2018 - Clustering v2.0

Registrations are closed, work in progress.
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Internet Freedom

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Anonymous Surfing

Protect your identity on the internet by assigning to you a different IP, that will guarantee anonymousness.

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Using VPN you'll always have a secure connection when surfing the Internet,preventing data hack.




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Why Anonymous VPN?

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You can browse privately through our service while using the network at home, work, or a friends house. You can even be on a public WiFi hotspot while using our service. Connect from any country to your prefered VPN server choosing from multiple locations in the world.

Protect yourself on Wi-Fi

This days Wi-Fi routers and networks are very vulnerable. Using our VPN will encrypt all your data

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The magority of ISP's are obligated by low to make and keep data logs. Using the VPN all your ISP's logs will be encrypted!

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Privacy is very important to all of as. If you feel the same way, join us and keep your privacy safe!


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