free anonymous vpn 

We are offering FREE VPN accounts for those of you who need to bypass government censorship (like the great firewall of china, russian

govermment censorship and so on), surf the web anonymously, use an encrypted connection to protect your privacy and all the other advantages

of a virtual private network (VPN).


We have more than 10 worldwide locations that you may choose from (Germany, France, USA, India, Netherlands, Singapore, Canada, UK, Romania and more). Check our FREE VPN server list afther you register and choose the VPN server location that you desire. You can also check the server connection speed. 


To get a FREE VPN account all you need to do is follow this 3 steps. 


1. Register for a new account from herefree vpn menu



2. Choose the server location that you desire from our free vpn server list from Account > VPN Server List (you must be logged in) 

In most cases the server which is closest to your location is the best choice.

Use the "Test" button to test each server speed with your ISP.

Based on the results you can choose the best server for you. 



free vpn server



free vpn menu




3. Request a FREE VPN account from Account > Request VPN

Fill the request fields and choose the server location that you desire.

Remember to read our terms & conditions





It is important that you provide a description in your request (in English). Not all the requests are accepted (requests with poor description for example). 


free vpn request example


All the requests are processed manually in about 24 working hours. 


The free vpn accounts are limited to a certain speed and 1 concurrent connection. We want to offer the free service to all of you out there.

To do this we have to put some limitations, if not, our servers will be so slow (if not unavailable) that no one will be able to use them.


The free vpn service is mainly for web surfing, we do not recommend this service for torrent download. 


Please note that we do not tolerate any illegal activity (hacking, sniffing, scanning, spam, etc). Users that abuse our service will be terminated.