Connecting from Linux (Graphical Network Manager) with OpenVPN

Note: to use this software you need a VPN account. Register & request here. 


 1. You need to have installed the following: OpenVPN, NetworkManager, NetworkManager-OpenVPN.

For Ubuntu users: sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn openvpn 

2. Extract the configuration files (you have received them via e-mail or you can download them from the client area) 


3. Under Network Manager go to VPN connections > Configure VPN and click the "Add" button.


4. Choose "Import a saved VPN configuration" from the list.


5. Select the VPN server configuration that you want to add. (Note: you may have more configuration files)


6. Type your VPN user and password and click "Save"


7. Now you have your firs VPN connection saved. 



8. Do the above steps again for each VPN server that you want to add. 


To easy connect to a VPN server go to Network Manager > VPN Connections and select the desired VPN server.

If you have any problems please use our forum to get support.