Connecting from Android (phone, tablet) with OpenVPN 


 Note: to use this software you need a VPN account. Register & request here.


 1. From Google Play Store install the OpenVPN for Android application.


2. Click on "Import" to add a new VPN server.


3. Select the .ovpn configuration file (you should have the configuration files in your VPN activation e-mail). In this excample we use the ES File Explorer application.


4. Select the first option, "Normal Android Way". If this does not work select the second option.


5. In some cases the application may fail to find the .crt certificate. If this is the case, manually select the file by clicking the "Select" button and selecting the appropriate .crt file.



6. Save the imported configuration. Now you should have the VPN server in the list.


7. To connect just select the VPN server and type your username and password (you should have received this in your VPN activation e-mail).


Repeat all the steps above to add more VPN servers to your Android device.